Re: Leading Zeros / Long Dahs


I normally use leading zero only on RTTY because it is easier to click on 001 than 1.
Never on CW, EUro often use leading zero.

73 Claude VE2FK

Le 2019-11-04 à 05:15, Rich K1DJ via Groups.Io a écrit :
It may just be me, but except in some international contests where they are more common, receiving a leading zero or single dah often throws me off, as it did several times in SS CW this weekend.  A leading zero is more likely to confuse than clarify:  I am much more likely to need a repeat of a received number if it includes a leading zero, and I rarely receive a request to repeat the NR when I am in the early phase of a contest and sending single or double-digit numbers with no zero.

Is there any consensus on recommending to new contesters/new N1MM+ users to use, or not to use, them?

Rich, K1DJ

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