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Chris Plumblee

There seem to be two schools of thought for those who don't like ESM. Some still use "Insert" and another key (traditionally in CT it was "+" on the number pad, though in N1MM it defaults to apostrophe (" ' ") between semicolon and the enter key on the home row). Others like everything in F2, then F3 functions to log the qso and send TU <my call>. Since N1MM has separate S&P and Run F-key definitions, in the latter case you're not stuck in the awkward position that your exchange includes the other stations call when S&P, which is a big faux pas. 

Unfortunately if you have multiple users who have different tastes, users who prefer to use F2 then F3 cannot use the same function key definition as everyone else. 

I don't use ESM, but I use Insert and NumPad +, so I get along ok with ESM users at multi-ops. I don't like when the computer decide what it's going to send when I press the same button. Call me a control freak...

Chris W4WF

On Fri, Nov 1, 2019 at 1:11 PM Fred KG9X <fred.kg9x@...> wrote:
Interesting Chris.  I have completely forgotten about "Insert" since I use the ESM method.  And, as pointed out by Paul NS2M, if you need to repeat the entire exchange sending the F2 will then NOT send the other stations call.  Thanks!

73,  Fred  KG9X

Chris Plumblee

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