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With CQWPX contest log open and showing all contacts in WPX format,
I want to have these contacts showup in CQSSB contest log. 

I click File>Copy This Contest to Another Database. 
I click ham.s3db where the CQWPX is at. 
I get a Database Selection Error:
“The target database can not be the current open database.”
So.., how do you do it..?

Mitch Mitchell
RF/Microwave Engineering Guru

On Nov 1, 2019, at 08:50, Tom - N1MM <Tom@...> wrote:

Q. Do you want to just copy a log from one database to another?
A. Don't use ADIF. Use File/Copy this contest to another database. 

Why?  It's way faster.  It is more likely that there will be a  bug in ADIF import/export than in this method.

Why would you want to copy a database like this? 
1. If you want to keep one database for all QSOs but log individual contests in an new database for maximum performance on slower computers.
2. If you want to keep a database for a particular time period and want to consolidate logs. 

Tom - N1MM

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