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Patrick Herborn

On Tue, 29 Oct 2019 06:58:30 -0700
kd2joe@... wrote:

How do I set up out of band marks in the spectrum scope? Using ic-7300
Might I suggest an alternative to marks - configure the IC-7300's spectrum
display as fixed with User Defined band edges (under the Spectrum Scope's
Settings Menu on the 7300). That way, the scope you will see on N1MM+ will
end at the edges you chose - if you can't see your VFO green lines in it
then you're out of band.

This does have the disadvantage that if you want to look at a wide slice
of the spectrum then you will have poor RBW on the spectrum, so it will
be interesting to hear what others suggest you could use when running
in Center mode.... IIRC there is a way of defining CW, DATA parts of
the bands but I don't recall something to allow you to define edges you
want.... so in the UK it doesn't turn red at 3.8MHz on 80m as it "should"
for us - would be nice to configure that!

Final thought - you could "SPOT" into the spectrum scope - ie enter a
callsign such as "TOP" and push it into the local spots with "Store",
you'de get a visual on that but of course it would not persist across
restarts and it would also timeout.



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