Re: Adding "name" in logging or call history file window


The original file from DJ1YFK was not fully compatible with N1MM+
containing some (;)   the version on N1MM+ is corrected an OK.
73 de Claude VE2FK

Sent: Sunday, October 27, 2019 2:01 PM
Subject: Re: [N1MM+] Adding "name" in logging or call history file window
Hello Gerard,
Does HSC.TXT contain name column for calls (say, S57AD... 752 ... Mirko)?
Check with a HSC call for which you know there exists his name in HSC.TXT file.
73, Mirko, S57AD
V V ned., 27. okt. 2019 ob 18:26 je oseba F6EEQ <f6eeq@...> napisala:
Sorry Claude, but this does not works...

I have following enabled:
  • HSC .txt is loaded in the call historydirectory
  • HSC.txt is called in the contest configuration setup
  • "Enable lookup" is checked in the "config" tab
  • "user info" is check with a right click...

The only thing I get is HSC written in blue color, and the number in the "exchange" window,  but not all info as in your example...
I double checked with the documentation, but did not find any clue.

What did I do wrong?
Mirko S57AD

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