Re: Delay with voice memories in Flex 6600

Michael Walker

Hi Ignacy

2 things...

First, have a look at the recorded WAV file with Audicy and make sure there isn't 1/2 second of space before your message.  If so, you need to edit it out with Audicy.

If it isn't working this morning, I would try closing DAX and restarting it.  I have seen this fix the no audio out problem.  Rebooting or closing N1MM is not required.

Mike va3mw

On Sat, Oct 26, 2019 at 8:14 AM Ignacy Misztal <no9e@...> wrote:
The delay is when starting the message. It seems that the recording includes half a second delay.
Today I rebooted the radio and pressing a function  key keys the radio but no signal. No other change. 
DAX shows TX streaming but no signal. 
Ignacy, NO9E

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