Re: Working DX Cluster List -- USA and Canada ** Confirmed


Computers are pretty good at contacting one another -- "Uptime monitoring" services can connect to a website and do something to verify that it's up at whatever interval you like, and keep stats over a long time -- much longer than a human can pay attention.  Sure, it might cost $20 a month to have the list always updated, but conceivably that data could be used to have the list in N1MM Logger (or a page on the N1MM Logger website) be shown with a 'quality bar' next to each of the choices with the status... just a thought.

On Fri, Oct 25, 2019 at 7:41 AM Steve London <n2ic@...> wrote:

has always worked well.

Steve, N2IC

On 10/25/2019 08:33 AM, Larry K8UT wrote:
> Mike,
> THANK YOU for testing the North American clusters on the list. If you can supply
> a complete list = Tested_North_American and Untested_Everywhere_Else = I will
> replace the list on the website with your updated list. (send to me as an email
> attach)
> And if anyone else wants to volunteer and test those untested from Mike's list
> we can integrate your results into a complete "all tested as of 2019-10-25"
> download file.
> While you were testing those we were modifying the documentation for importing a
> list into N1MM+. You will find a new section under >Docs >Windows >Telnet
> Window, "Importing a Downloaded Cluster List"
> Thanks again,
> -larry K8UT
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> From: "Michael Walker" <va3mw@... <mailto:va3mw@...>>
> To: <>
> Sent: 2019-10-25 10:15:23
> Subject: [N1MM+] Working DX Cluster List -- USA and Canada ** Confirmed
>> Hi All
>> I took an hour this morning and tested ALL the USA and Canada dx clusters.  I
>> did not test any cluster outside of NA.  Maybe someone else can do that.
>> This is what works:
>> K2LS,DXC.K2LS.COM <http://DXC.K2LS.COM>
>> K7AR,K7AR.NET:7300 <http://K7AR.NET:7300>
>> KN4F,DXC.KN4F.NET <http://DXC.KN4F.NET>
>> VA3MW, <>
>> VE7CC,VE7CC.NET <http://VE7CC.NET>
>> W1AAA,DXUSA.NET:7300 <http://DXUSA.NET:7300>
>> WF5E,WF5E.NO-IP.COM <http://WF5E.NO-IP.COM>
>> RBN, <>
>> NC7J, <>
>> If you want to fix this.
>>  1. Copy the above  list and place it in a text file somewhere you can find
>>  2. Open up N1MM and go into the Telnet screen.
>>  3. Edit Telnet List
>>  4. Highlight all the entries by holding the left button on the mouse and
>>     dragging down to the bottom so they are all in blue.
>>  5. Hit the delete key and that will delete all your cluster entries.  This
>>     will clean out the entire list.  You can keep the ones you like if you
>>     know the work
>>  6. Now, File/Import and select the file you saved in step 1
>> You now have a very clean and workable list.
>> Mike va3mw

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