Re: Potential Logging Issues For 2019 CW WW DX SSB Contest

Tom Owens

Pete and John,

Thanks for the input.

Pete, I am using the current  WL-Cty.dat file.  It was installed today.  And the issues still persist.

John, we too change the zone to what we copy BEFORE logging the contact.  Yes, I can change the zone in the Edit Contact window but that does not change the country.  For example, I just logged VK9OOO.  That call could be in zone 29, 30 or 32.  The program logged it as zone 32, Norfolk --- which is correct BUT that call could have been in zone 29 or 30.  For kicks, I went into the Edit Contact window (it is not possible to change the country prefix there as it is grayed out).  I changed the zone there to zone  but the Countries window still show the contact VK9N.  If the zone change took, which it did, the country should have changes to KL7.

The problems occurs in two different ways.  One, there are more than one country in the same zone.  Two, the country can be in one or more zone - HK0 can be ether zone 7 or 9.  The program defaults to zone 7 - HK0A.  Changing the zone to 9 does NOT change the country to HK0M in either the Edit Contact window of the Countries worked window.

If either of you would like to call me I can be reached by phone at 206 935-0457.  I can walk you through the procedure to correctly identify the correct zones and countries.

Tom, K7RI
206 935-0457

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