Re: IC-7610, N1MM, WAV Files plus Microphone

John Bednar

There is no need to change this radio setting when you configure the program correctly.  Look in the Additional Files section of the web page for the IC-7610 Setup document.  Let us know if you can't find it. 

John,  K3CT (KP2M soon)

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From: Stan Stockton <wa5rtg@...>
Date: 10/22/19 5:13 AM (GMT-05:00)
Subject: [N1MM+] IC-7610, N1MM, WAV Files plus Microphone

Need to use .WAV Files and Microphone.  Made WAV files work by setting DATA MOD OFF to USB in IC-7610 but then can't make microphone work.  If I set it to MIC, then WAV files don't work.

Saw some reference to this in archives, a broken link to a possible solution (don't know, haven't read it) and would really appreciate some specific help in getting this to work.

Thanks... Stan, K5GO (ZF9CW)  

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