Great Great Great  and thanks, with this S&P is almost as
productive as RUN ha ha.

73 de Claude VE2FK

Le 2019-10-21 à 11:08, Rick Ellison a écrit :


There was a change recently to the RTTY section of the code to make things the same across all modes. If there is a call in the On-Deck box above the callsign window and the MYCALL button is highlighted and the call in the On-Deck box is not a dupe when you press Enter or if you are using the Right clicks in the DI window as enter, the call would drop down into the call box and instead of sending the contents of the MYCALL button it would send that callsigns call first. A lot of the times in RTTY the frequency posted by other contesters are off and you are trying to work someone else this was a hindrance. During the contest I posted an experimental version that if you were using the Right Click method it would not cause that interaction of the on-deck call dropping. This was just to get thru the JARTS contest. In the next release I have added a menu option to the Digital Setup dropdown on the top of the Digital windows that lets the user choose which way they want it to work.


73 Rick N2AMG

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