Re: S & P Problem

Phil Cooper

Hi all,


As per Steve's comment on the drop-down of the call, I noticed the same thing.

However, I have overcome this by using the F4 macro to only send my call twice, so if I click on F4 or press the actual F4 button, it still only sends my call, but it does put the call above into the callsign field.


Now, that is fine IF (big IF!) the one you want to call is that shown above the call field.

I've noticed that it quite often is NOT the call I want to work.

This is partly down to spots sent from AFSK users, who are often way off the actual frequency.

I've also noticed several calls close together, but only one shows above the call field.


That means I have to use F12 or press Alt-W to clear the call field and enter the call I want, as clicking on the wanted call will not clear the callsign field if it is already populated.


Like others, I prefer it the way it was.


73 de Phil GU0SUP



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I think it need to go back or an option to set it. It is a pain for RTTY. If your trying to make rate.

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