Re: unable to change bands (more)

James Funk

Will check when I get home. Thanks! 

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On Oct 19, 2019, at 7:24 AM, Ted Bryant <tlbryant02@...> wrote:

Hi Jim,


When this happens, what information is showing in the title bar of the Entry window?


Also, if you right-click in the Entry window to open the menu, is “Band Button Left Click Enabled” checked?


73, Ted W4NZ



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Subject: [N1MM+] unable to change bands (more)


To clarify, once I shut down the program and restart, I simply type in the frequency of the “new band” (e.g., 7050) or click on the band/mode desired in the list on the left, as I was always able to do with N1MM but have been unable to do with N1MM+.  73, Jim N9JF

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