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Jamie WW3S

why not just put it back the way it was......only one person complained, now you have many !!!!

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This was changed a couple of weeks ago as a user pointed out it was not consistent across all modes. In the mark contest was the first contest that I worked with the change in place. It drove me nuts… If you right click in the DI window to send your call and a call is in the on-deck box it drops down automatically instead of sending your call like you want..

I’m not sure if I want to remove it or add a setting bypassing it if the user wants.


73 Rick N2AMG


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Subject: [N1MM+] S & P Problem


Trying to operate in the Jarts RTTY. I'm having a problem when I right click in the Digital Interface to send my Call Twice. When I do this if there is a call in the window above the call field it puts the call in the field and sends his call then mmy call twice. When I right click I only want it to send my call and not his. I had this problem last week in the Makrothen test as well. Hope this makes some sense. I must have change something that I'm not aware of.
73 Steve AI9T


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