Re: Cannot get telnet connection

Michael Walker

Hi Bill

My cluster is up.  VA3MW-7

Mike va3mw

On Sun, Oct 13, 2019 at 6:24 PM Larry K8UT <K8UT@...> wrote:

Your problem may be that you are trying to connect to non-existent sties. The list of telnet sites that comes with N1MM contains many errors due to unreliable site presence.

There is a newer - but still not 100% reliable - list on the website at: >Downloads >Additional Support Files "CLUSTERS 2019-10-11.TXT". You might try that.

Also, see the doc section on Telnet connection problems here:

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Just got back on the air.  N1MM+ running well except I cannot get a telnet connection.  Using Windows 7, internet connection is good.  Turned off the Windows Firewall, still no connection.  Microsoft Security Essentials is the default security system, but I cannot figure how to turn it off, assuming it may be the problem.


Any suggestions?




Bill, AA4R

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