Re: Radio Command log file location?

Donald Rasmussen

Okay John - quite interesting, I coded to TS480 IF format (simpler) using the TS480 CAT manual, selected at N1MM and still no joy.

I had verified the TS2000 manual many times previously. 

Interesting that the mode set is working at N1MM so program is finding position 30 in the string and must be accepting the "IF" prefix to know to get the mode there, but not able to take the set frequency from pos 3 for 11 in the same message. Text is clean and properly formatted, use the same string to build the "FA" command that works. 

Also, when sending "CW" from N1MM log window I get "MD3;" at my plugin but when I send that to the program (unsolicited) it gets ignored. 

Just one to file away for future reference - thanks for the info.

de Wb8yqj Don

On Sat, Oct 12, 2019 at 04:04 AM, John Bednar wrote:



Do not send unsolicited data. Out of order data may cause radio control issues.


Print your IF command and compare it to the TS-2000-English.pdf manual, page 125. It is always 38 characters long. You likely are making a mistake.


John, K3CT

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