Re: Radio Command log file location?

John Bednar



Do not send unsolicited data. Out of order data may cause radio control issues.


Print your IF command and compare it to the TS-2000-English.pdf manual, page 125. It is always 38 characters long. You likely are making a mistake.


John, K3CT



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Awesome John - could not have asked for anything more. I noticed in the help document the keyboard sequences that would create many of the commands you describe. 

My SDRSharp plugin cant respond to them all, most important is that the N1MM program does not demand a response or timeout when I don't reply. 

I have some residual issues I am trying to work out: 

I have to send an "FA" command every second or so to prevent an N1MM timeout. Seems "IF" reply to the N1MM request that comes in once per second that would reset the timer.  I send the "IF" response then I send an "FA" one second later. That's working. 

N1MM is accepting the mode set from the "IF" reply but not the frequency data for some reason.
response = "IF" + String.Format("{0:00000000000}", freqx) + "0011+00000000000" + mode2int[modex] + "0000000"+separator;

N1MM takes the mode set from the IF response but does not accept a direct mode set command "MD3;" for example. 

Alas - it is working and it beats what I was doing before - using VSPE to split a physical com port (share traffic) for the logging program and SDRSharp both. 

Thanks again
de Wb8yqj Don

On Fri, Oct 11, 2019 at 06:42 PM, John Bednar wrote:

I will send a direct email with a list.


The Cat Macros allow the users can send any command to the radio. Some send keyer commands.


John, K3CT

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