Re: Radio Command log file location?

Donald Rasmussen

Hi John.

I wrote an SDRSharp plugin emulating TS2000 for N1MM frequency and mode sync. 

At present I recognize "FA","FR","MD" and "IF", works well. 

Is there some way to know what other commands that exist in N1MM that SDRSharp may need to respond to?

de Wb8yqj Don
Carlsbad, Ca. USA

On Wed, Oct 9, 2019 at 07:16 PM, John Bednar wrote:

Nothing will be output. I selectively enable items when debugging a new radio.


The mode sent to the radio is controlled by several items. The first thing to check is Config, Mode Control tab. Uncheck Start with Always use packet mode unchecked and Use contest or radio mode checked. There are times when users want the radio mode to change and times when you do not want the mode to change.


You can check the mode assigned to the spot by hovering over the spot in the Bandmap.


John, K3CT

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