Re: N1MM Crash due to bad Audio Config

Patrick Herborn

On Wed, 2 Oct 2019 13:49:49 +0100 I wrote:

With hindsight perhaps I should have taken a screenshot of the
error message
.. and since I still had a copy of the "broken" config, I was able to do just
that... three piccies... one of the error message itself, one of the Windows
error box showing that N1MM+ *MUST* exit and die, and one of the Audio Config
which didn't seem to show anything too untoward...

I also have screenshots of the actual details of the crash, I'll type them
up below to save bandwidth....

Problem Event Name : BEX
Application Name :
Application Version : 1.0.7960.0
Application Timestamp : 5d936ad5
Fault Module Name : StackHash_a7aa
Fault Module Version :
Fault Module Timestamp : 000000
Exception Offset : 9b10d763
Exception Code : c0000005
Exception Data : 00000008
OS Version : 6.1.7601.
Locale ID : 2057
Additional Information 1 : a7aa
Additional Information 2 : a7aa91f17ea749d42a4de3b390fa5b3d
Additional Information 3 : a7aa
Additional Information 4 : a7aa91f17ea749d42a4de3b390fa5b3d

Fortunately right now it is a Bohrbug so I can replicate it at will.

I also had a chance to compare .INI files and it looks like there
is something different between this one and the virgin install in
the [Other] section that may well explain WHY it is dying, but that
doesn't excuse that fact that it IS dying (there is an uncaught
exception here) :

DVK MuteLine=-1
DVK MuteLine 2=-1
DVK RecordChannels=0
DVK Sound Card=2
IngorePacketSpotsBefore=09/19/2019 19:25:55
SSB Up Down Increment=0.05
TX Sound Card=2
TX Sound Card 2=2

So clearly some reference to a sound card there - being a club machine
it is possible that this has been altered at some point by someone, but
as said above, this shouldn't cause N1MM+ to crash and burn.


Pat. (M0MGO)

Patrick Herborn <pat@...>

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