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Patrick Herborn

On Thu, 10 Oct 2019 10:36:12 -0400
"Jack Schuster" <w1wef3@...> wrote:

I cannot get the spectrum window to work with my Windows 7 computer
monitors.. Is Windows 7 the reason?
No, I can confirm that I have had the spectrum window working with
both modes of operation possible with the IC-7610 :

o Spectrum display export over CI-V
o IQ data from the USB3 port

For spectrum export via USB CI-V, you need to make sure that N1MM+ is
already able to "talk" to the IC-7610 (ie it is reading the VFO etc),
then you should make sure that both sides are set to 115200 baud. This
is necessary to cope with the large volume of spectrum data coming
over the CI-V. Note that it must be decoupled from the REMOTE in
order to achieve this speed (setting in the menu).

For the IQ data you will need to use a second USB cable, and have
the Spectrum Source configured for IC-7610 - you might also need
the ExtIO DLL for the IC-7610 - IIRC this has changed over time,
so check the documentation for the currently correct method (N1MM+
may now ship with a suitable driver). Note that in this mode, the
spectrum display will scroll along with the VFO (and I don't recall
being able to "freeze" it, so if you like to have a line moving
up and down the spectrum window showing the current VFO then,
last I checked, this wasn't going to do that). The bonus of this
mode is much finer Resolution Bandwidth (lots more data, but it
will need a beefier CPU).

The window opens up but shows no signals even though signals appear
in the 7610 display.
Right click for the Spectrum Window menu and choose the right Spectrum
Source for your intended application, having made sure that the above
prerequisites are met and you should hopefully be good.


Pat. (M0MGO)

Patrick Herborn <pat@...>

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