IC-7600 N1MM+

Dennis McKinney

After many tries and suggestions I'm trying to get my IC-7600 setup for CW contesting. I use N1MM+ as my contest logger, but keying everything by hand. I have Fldigi working great with N1MM+ for RTTY. I'm using it connected to a Dell laptop (windows 10) via the USB and the Codec is correct all around. (I think) 
My understanding is that in the config tab I only need to change the pin 4 to CW.  When I do that and hit any of the F keys, the rig keys, but now signal out, or sound at all.  I hope this is clear enough and I'm just not checking a box somewhere. 
Just for info, I use WSJT-X and JtAlert for FT8/FT4 and FlDigi will do RTTY, Psk31, and many other modes I'm sure. FlDigi also will send CW using the macros, as a stand alone program. 
Thanks in advance for any help you can provide. 
Please feel free to contact me direct if need be, although I do like following lots of help issues provided here.
Dennis N0SMX 

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