Re: Keyboard up/down arrows function backwards

Gerald Boutin (VE1DT)

On Wed, Oct 9, 2019 at 12:42 AM, Robert Beyer wrote:

One of the computers at an M2 station I operate at has an unusual behavior with the up/down arrows on the keyboard.  Whenever we press up or down, it behaves completely backwards from the expected behavior.


On every other computer I’ve used with N1MM+ (a dozen or more), when you press the down arrow key, it moves the VFO slightly up in frequency (down the band map) and pressing the up arrow moves the VFO down in frequency (up the band map).  The amount of change is of course set in the Config, “Other” settings.  If you press Ctrl-Down in the band map, you jump down the band map (up in frequency) to the next spot, and Ctrl-Up moves you up the band map (down in frequency).


However, on this one computer we’re using with an IC-7610, things behave in the completely opposite direction.  I’ve looked through the documentation and through all the settings I could think of but I cannot figure out why this is behaving backwards.


I’m hoping (fingers crossed), that I’ve over looked something basic and we somehow inadvertently set something and we can change it back.  Other ops have noticed this too so it’s not just me.



Bob – KE2D


I think someone has made a change directly to the ini file by adding a minus sign to the up/down increment number.

Delete the "-" sign for the Increment number in Config/Other

Gerald, VE1DT

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