N1MM+ Documentation error: CQ Band Change Rules

Victor Paul

While reading the N1MM+ online documentation for CQ WW SSB/CW contest setup at


I read the following:
Band changes
    The allowed band changes are 8 for all CQ Contests

Likewise in the section for the CQ WPX SSB/CW contest I see the same blurb about 8 band changes for *all* CQ contests at

That not quite true.  There are 3 different band change rules in the CQ contests, depending upon whether its a DX or WPX contest, whether its SSB/CW or RTTY and whether your entry class is Multi-One (with 2nd mult transmitter in CQ WW, but not CQ WPX) or Multi-2.   These being 8 band changes per clock hour, 10 band changes per clock hour, or the 10-minute rule where once you make a QSO on a new band you can't make any valid QSOs on yet another band with that transmitter until 10 minutes has elapsed.

For all Multi-2 the rule is indeed 8 band changes per clock hour for both transmitters. 

For Multi-One in the CW/SSB WPX & RTTY WPX contests the single transmitter  is allowed 10 band changes per clock hour. 

For Multi-One in the CQ WW RTTY contest the run and mult transmitters are allowed 8 band changes per clock  hour. 

The upcoming CQ WW SSB and CQ WW CW contests are outliers in that they call for a "10-minute rule" for each transmitter in Multi-One, (still 8 band changes per clock hour for Multi-2).
Quoting from the CQ WW SSB/CW rules:

1. Single Transmitter (MULTI-ONE): Only one transmitted signal on one band permitted during any 10-minute period (run station/signal). Exception: One — and only one — other transmitted signal (multiplier station/signal) may be used during any 10-minute period, if — and only if — it is on a different band from the run transmitter and the station worked is a new multiplier. The run and multiplier transmitters are governed by independent 10-minute rules. Ten-minute periods begin with the first QSO on a band. The log must indicate which station/signal (run or multiplier) made each QSO. The multiplier station/signal may not call CQ (solicit contacts). Please be sure to read the Multi-Single FAQ section at <cqww.com/rules_faq.htm>.

Of course the contest sponsors could change the rules tomorrow, and indeed there may have been changes to the band change rules since the referenced sections of the N1MM+ manual was produced.  Its only recently that I've had any cause to read any "Multi" rules.

This can all be verified at:


Please confirm and make updates to N1MM+ documentation accordingly, or perhaps  just drop the "all CQ contests allow 8 band changes per hour" assertion.  Single OPs of course can ping pong around the bands without constraint AFAIK.

Victor WB0TEV / V31VP

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