Error opening com3

Marco Spalluzzi

Hi guys, I used N1MM Logger (not Logger+) in cqww rtty and everything worked fine (also today).
Now I have problems when trying to tx on cw or on ssb.
Run 775dsp and microkeyer, pc is Win8.1.
I start N1MM and I get into an "error opening com3", which is the com I setted for cw in the configuration ports.
Check the settings (I made no changes for years); com3 is:
- flagged on cw
- dtr Always on
- rts Always off
- no other flags on other voices, cw/ptt port address is 3E8
Same settings for 4 years, Always worked.
Rebooted the pc twice, no changes.
Disconnected/reconnected microkeyer, no changes.
If I play sample cw messages from the microkeyer, it works, so it's not an hw problem.

Radio is ok, I change bands, vfo frequency on the bandmap, all ok.
Plus, when on ssb, I have a "file not found" message when pressing a key to play a wav file.
I think is related to the com3 error, since everything worked normally until now.
What can I check more?
Alternatively, can anyone give me the settings that you use?
Thanks, bye.

Marco - IK2XSL

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