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Tim Shoppa

The colored callsign block means the call cannot be found in Super Check Partial or the history file.

The colored zone means the zone does not match the most straightforward mapping of callsign to zone.

Seeing large numbers of callsigns in colored boxes is quite common - it just means the call isn’t in SCP or the history file.

Seeing large numbers of colored zone boxes for US callsigns is entirely the norm because the continental US has 3 zones and the computer mapping to them will often be wrong because any US calls do not necessarily have to follow the geographic norms of old and could be in any US zone.

The coloring disappears at the end of the contest because we aren’t supposed to correct log errors after the contest.

In my experience most of the colored boxes do not need correction because I copied the correctly. And if there is a mistake, unless the mistake is obvious (like a DL guy giving out a serial number instead of his zone number where I should replace his serial number with 14) it’s not at all obvious how we could correct them anyway.

Tim N3QE

On Oct 4, 2019, at 4:27 PM, Lee Clayton <2thkeeper@...> wrote:

last week during the CQWwRTTY contest I noticed occasionally the block in the log  with the call sign would have a different background color. It was never the last logged QSO BUT ERR ARLIER CONTACTS. LATER I WOULD LOOK BACK AY THE LOG SND THE COLOR HAD BEEN REMOVED. SAME THING WAS HSPPENING EITJ ZONE FIELD

neityy tu he zone or call sign colors would seem to appear on same QSO. 

what causes this?


Sorry about the all caps!

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