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Chuck Dietz

When this happens, I have been able to stop the CQ by clicking on the “ESC” button at the bottom of the message buttons on the entry screen.


Chuck W5PR


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Steve and others.


Thanks for the input.


·         Problem NOT due to losing focus on N1mm by clicking on something in another window

·         I too suspect the issue may be related to the length of time the CQ goes on without interruption

·         As someone else mention … first noticed this happening in CQWW RTTY contest
neither the ESC key, pressing a key on the keyboard, ALT+R would stop the repeating CQ; had to go
into Config and uncheck the Repeat box to get it to stop

·         The keyboard is not the problem

·         RFI is NOT the problem, as running tests at 10 watts into a dummy load still has the problem

·         Steve, the problem persists in both RTTY and SSB.  In answer to your questions:   In RTTY,  SSB and CW the CQ message is being generated as follows:

F1 cq test k7ri,{CLEARRIT}{TX}{ENTERLF}cq test k7ri k7ri cq {RX}

F1 cq contest k7ri,{clearrit}wav files - cq ww dx\f1 cq contest cq dx.wav

F1 cq test k7ri,{clearrit}cq test k7ri

The wav files were generated with Audacity.  The wave files are being generated with the computer sound card.

CQWW CW behavior.  Have not run in the contest yet.  But, in testing with 10 watts into a dummy load, I let the cq run for 10 minutes, then pressed ESC it killed the CQ as expected.

Ran the same 10 watts into a dummy load test on both RTTY and SSB for 10 minutes.  Neither ESC, pressing a key on the keyboard, pressing Alt+R stops the CQ from running.  Going into Config and unchecking the Repeat box does work to stop the CQ.  Not sure if this is valuable information but, in play around to see what would happen, I switched to S&P and then back to RUN.   Automatic CQ was still going on but when I pressed ESC then it DID kill the CQ.


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