Re: N1MM used for WWV100 Special Event Stations

Gary Hembree

I have tried to do this repeatedly and it doesn’t work with the K3.  I have to restart N1MM+ after using WSJT-X and before switching to CW or SSB to get the mode inserted into the log correctly.  Otherwise, I just type the correct mode into the log for each QSO.  I have found many issues with the K3 and N1MM+ communicating and updating mode and band changes in multi-mode logs (the DX log especially).  I work around them as best I can.
Gary, N7IR

Sent: Thursday, October 03, 2019 8:37 AM
Subject: Re: [N1MM+] N1MM used for WWV100 Special Event Stations
Hi Mark,

I believe you could've saved yourself and the team a lot of grief by simply typing the mode in the entry window where a call normally goes.
Ie: just type in "SSB" when you went to SSB in case something was hung and/or the program (for whatever reason) did not recognize a mode change.

Also, you can type in the frequency in the same spot--regardless of what is shown in little circles (radio buttons) on the left and I reasonably certain your radio would've changed to that frequency and the log would've matched.

Others more knowledgeable may weigh in with other (ie: better) advice, but this is probably how I would've tackled it.

If I am wrong, someone will invariably correct me.

73, Mike VE9AA

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