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Patrick Herborn

On Wed, 2 Oct 2019 07:30:10 -0400
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Hiya John!

Post your function key text.
Since we don't use function keys on this machine, the function key
text will be as per installation default (ie we haven't changed it).
I won't have access to this until Thursday night - but presumably
the fact we haven't changed it should help in the meantime.

Were you in S&P or RUN mode?
This was in S&P mode. The only time we went into Run mode last night
was after the event, as a testing thing, where I tried function keys
to see if they, like Insert, could crash N1MM+ and indeed they could.
Once the audio was configured to a dummy device (ie not one connected
to the rig or outputting an audible level of sound) it was possible
to hit F keys - this included F1 which then put N1MM+ into Run mode.

I expect that ESM was enabled.
I don't recall having enabled ESM, so unless it's a default setting
then it wouldn't have been enabled. I should perhaps have stated that
N1MM+ was being used purely as a logger for a VHF SSB contest (though
we do use the spectrum, bandmap, check, log and mults/squares windows).

Please confirm.
I can do that, but not until Thursday.

John, K3CT
Best regards,


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Last night I think I finally figured out why N1MM+ would occasionally
crash - previously I had it narrowed down to "being in the Locator
box and pressing <unknown> key(s)" but last night I caught it. I think
what had previously happened was going to the locator box to correct
it (eg if someone /P is in a different locator to "normal") and then
hitting Enter to log it. Between the correction, the <unknown> key
and pressing Enter, an error box would pop up, and Enter would
acknowledge it - so whilst in full typing flow, it was not possible
to see what was in the error box, by the time it would pop up, Enter
was already being pressed.

Last night was less of a rush and I caught it. The issue was the
Insert key and the error box was warning of a bad Audio config. OK
fair enough, BUT that should not crash N1MM+ to the point that it
exits! Moreover, given that there was no file to be found associated
with the Insert key, it seems that the cart was put before the horse,
metaphorically - ie there's little point in even trying to open
an audio device if the audio file you would then play, doesn't
exist. It seems to me to be more sensible to check for that file
first.... but even the way round that it is, it looks like there
is an exception that's not being caught properly. Just to be sure
I checked other F-keys and sure enough they also cause crashes,
so it can be summarised as ANY attempt to play audio will cause
a fatal crash.

So long as some dummy audio devices are configured N1MM+ will not
crash - it just warns that the audio file does not exist and carries
on as one would expect. This is a workaround rather than a fix.

This was observed last night on the latest release, on Win7 64 bit
and it was set to normal audio (never been configured since we
don't use that feature on that station), ie not Logger+ Audio.

Best regards,

Pat. (M0MGO)

Patrick Herborn <pat@...>

Patrick Herborn <pat@...>

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