Re: Larger Data Entry Screen

VE9AA - Mike

"Somewhat" related.  I asked some time ago but did not see a reply

Is there a way to make the WAE QTC Window larger?

for CW it's not so much of a problem, as all I have to do as a non-EU is hit 1, 2 or 3 to repeat (once in a blue moon,pop the glasses on, read and send by hand) so I don't need to see the finer details of the size 8 font (or whatever it is)
For WAE SSB, I need to read off the times, stations and #'s.....necessitating me to put on my reading glasses. (I know, personal problem...hi hi) Hey, i am not a teenager anymore.

I would just rather not contest with glasses on if at all possible. I normally don't need them as I've made everything on the screen large enough to see most of the time, except that pesky ol' QTC window.

Thanks !

Mike VE9AA

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