locked sticky Re: New Version

Tom - N1MM

Version 1.0.7952 (Sept 17, 2019)
  1. When using Spectrum Scope with ExtIO-based SDR's, changed method detecting when transmitting. (Coded by N2IC)
  2. UDC: Bug fix for "PointsPerContact = /MA,x" or "= /MM,x". (G4OGB) (Coded by NA3M)
  3. FT8/FT4 modes: Every transmission in FT8/FT4 mode was adding line "Radio SetXmit - isRx= " in LogError.txt - fixed (Coded by NA3M)
  4. SRRCUPDIGI: Bug fix for band changes per hour not counted for Single-Op category stations. (R4KO) (Coded by NA3M)

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