Re: Need Help, TX key Digital with IC718

Brian D

When I used my ic718 I used CTS from the USB dongle on the laptop to switch
the TX, I may have used a single transistor buffer or opto isolator in
between. Failing that you could use VOX.

"Bruce" <w8hw@...> wrote:

*We are deploying to the Bahamas to set up communications,* and have been
given Icom's IC-718 to check out and make digital. Because of shortens of
time, I am making up the connections for the 13 PIN Din in back of radio.
_The problem I have found is TX/RX command does not exist in IC-718 CIV
library_. So PTT via CIV (cat) is out of the question. The Laptop
computers provided (as you might expect) does not have DB9 connector for
me to make up 2n2222 TX-PTT keying circuit. So my problem is to find a way
for computer to tell radio to go into TX. I have only been given very
short time to invent an answer with parts around the shack, I do have lots
of stuff around the shack, even Arduino if needed. Please help us save
lives. I thank you in advance.

73, Bruce, W8HW@...

Land line 772.340.1620

Brian D

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