Need Help, TX key Digital with IC718


We are deploying to the Bahamas to set up communications, and have been given Icom's IC-718 to check out and make digital. Because of shortens of time, I am making up the connections for the 13 PIN Din in back of radio. The problem I have found is TX/RX command does not exist in IC-718 CIV library. So PTT via CIV (cat) is out of the question. The Laptop computers provided (as you might expect) does not have DB9 connector for me to make up 2n2222 TX-PTT keying circuit. So my problem is to find a way for computer to tell radio to go into TX. I have only been given very short time to invent an answer with parts around the shack, I do have lots of stuff around the shack, even Arduino if needed. Please help us save lives. I thank you in advance.

73, Bruce, W8HW@...

Land line 772.340.1620

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