N1MM-WSJT-K3S-no PTT when WSJT opened fromN1MM -

Hank K7HP

OK thanks for inputs - I think I figured out what I did . I had always simply run WSJT stand alone and once I manually set the K3 TX Data to DATA A  it remembered that .   Took til today for me and my  thick skull to realize that N1MM Config was now setting the data mode for WSJT  I know you guys have said to put DIGI as PSK for the K3 a hundred times at least --I even printed that tout - at least I am man enough to fess up.  Anyhow  made a FT8 qso and all seems to work.Thanks for your patience.

The clue was I saw K3 TX DATA had a REV above it when I opened WSJT thru N1MM -I merrily held the mode button to get rid of REV and got the dreaded K3 ERR KEY after one  transmission and it would not stop TX. Poking around I found the WINKEY PTT line was locked on and rebooting did no good -for some reason I had to unplug the USB line to WINKEY and let it find its com port again- at least it went back to COM5 . So that forced me to look at the N1MM config windows again and there it was. This damn 85 year old mind gets frustrated at times.

RE the dupes -- I THINK I have that puzzled out from an exercise to merge some other logs from another database (all on same computer ) .
I kept getting the same "zillion DUPES" even though I had edited the ADIF  to get just the dates I wanted - I finally found  the "Using N1MM Logger+ and ADIF to Merge Logs "-Still dont understand why I had to make a new database to combine same contest type files -but it workee.
Now I will do a long desired merge of all my N1MM logs since about 2010

Hank K7HP

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