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I have been changing my Rover QTH grid with the Config > Change Station Data.  I’ll start using ROVERQTH in the entry window.  Thanks for the info….should have read the manual!



Pat, W5VY


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When you changed the Rover QTH with Ctrl+H or the command ROVERQTH you will see this prompt:


"Would you like the Station Long/Lat changed so 'FN20' is used for beam heading calculations?"


John, K3CT



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Subject: [N1MM+] N1MM-WSJT


I operated as a Rover in the ARRL Sept VHF QSO Party.  The new integration between WSJTx and N1MM+ worked very well.  I run as SO2R with a FT991A on 6, 2 and 70cm and a KX3 as the IF for 222, 902, 1296 and 2304.  Have a parallel port BCD band decoder to steer antenna switching, and PTT to transverters/amps. Winkey USB for CW and PTT.   I ran WSJTx FT8 on the FT991A and had no issues starting/ending WSJTx. 

Had one issue with logging.  As a Rover, it's important to log the Rover QTH Grid to drive the dupe process when moving to a new grid.  When running FT8 WJST sends logging data to N1MM+ but it appears that the "Grid" entered in the WSJT Settings "General" tab isn't passed to N1MM+ or that N1MM+ isn't handling it?   The Rover QTH field in the Log Window is blank for FT8 Qs.  I had to manually update to keep dupe checking working.  I only made 125 Qs from six grids so I should be able to remember who I've worked from where!  I suppose you could check the N1MM+ Rover QTH value and use that for logging to supplement the info received from WSJTx

Also, in N1MM+ Station Information (Config > Change your Station Data) there is a field for Grid Square (I've assumed it's your home QTH Grid?) and a Rover QTH field (the Grid you are currently operating from)    I noticed when using Call History and a Station's call is entered (that was found in History) the calculation of bearing/distance was based on the Station Data "Grid Square" and not the "Rover QTH" grid.  Rovers are a very small subset of N1MM+ users.  If it isn't a big deal would it be possible to grab the "Rover QTH" grid for heading calculations?  Maybe you already do and I just have something cross threaded.
Pat, W5VY

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