Re: N1MM-WSJT-K3S-no PTT when WSJT opened fromN1MM -

Pete Smith

Hi Hank - the fact that the CAT and PTT buttons work (I assume that includes seeing your transceiver switch to transmit) means to me that there's something wrong in your audio setup, either in WSJT or more likely in your computer.  I've long forgotten how audio worked in Windows 7, but the thing I would try to do is trace the audio coming out of WSJT-X and make sure that the sound card input it is feeding and the sound card output that is sending the audio to the rig are both properly connected to the transceiver and working properly

73, Pete N4ZR
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On 9/17/2019 2:23 AM, Hank Pfizenmayer wrote:

I give up --I cannot get PTT to operate when WSJT is opened from N1MM (using ARRL SEPT VHF if that matters)
and tonight using my normal DX day to day "contest" log it acts the same.

Latest version of N1MM and think I am up with latest method of setup. W7 pro  -.

WSJT by itself or N1MM by itself just fine.  Opening WSJT from N1MM using the Config menu - WSJT-x  for EW1 opens
 as shown in top bar above spectrum window  . Have  DX commander in the transceiver window settings.  Get the green box in the
window with the warnings about shutting off WSJT first . . The CAT and PTT buttons work (the K3 shows its inTX  - BUT i get no audio out of WSJT )

In fact if I type FT8 in the N1MM window the WSJT-X opens - dont have to use the config menu .

There  must be some magic UDP or whatever I have missed that is not telling WSJT to put out audio ???

N1MM accepts a FT8 adif file manually just fine (except now it says its all duplicates from the ARRLVHF wsjt adif 
-but when I look at the  file they are NOT duplicates and they dont show in the N1MM day to day "DX" log -so it 
looks like N1MM thinks the  qsos are there but they do not show in the log window - I went ahead and told N1MM
to import anyhow and it worked fine and no dupes inlog wondow and Cabrillo from that was fine.

Hank K7HP

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