Re: Switching between WSJT-X (FT8) and USB / CW?

Chuck Dietz

I use Win 10 with a Flex 6700. I open two pan adapters, one on SSB/CW and one on FT8. I set up N1MM for SO2R with each panadapter as a “radio” but on the same antenna. Then I have two N1MM entry windows. I open WSJT from one of the N1MM “window” drop down menus. Then FT8 will be printing while you are operating SSB. You can click on an FT8 call while you are on SSB and it will automagically switch modes and call the FT8 station. While you are on FT8 you can watch the other panadapter for any CW or SSB activity. Slick!

Chuck W5PR 

On Mon, Sep 16, 2019 at 4:18 AM Terry Glagowski / AFA1DI <W1TR@...> wrote:

I recently operated the VHF contest where FT8 and SSB and CW are used in a mixed manner.

I have found that it is necessary to close the WSJT-X window all together to get the N1MM logger to properly log the mode as SSB or CW instead of FT8.

But then when I want to go back to FT8 I have to reopen the WSJT-X window and WSJT-X Decode List again.

Is there a way to switch modes between FT8 and SSB/CW without closing the WSJT-X window?

My rig is an Apache Labs Anan 100D, which emulates as a TS-2000 for CAT control purposes.

My computer is an older i7 Win10 Pro 64 bit.


73, Terry / W1TR  :  )

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