Re: Edit log for QTC's

Daryl Popowitch

Thanks Rich.  That fixed it.
Daryl - N8AID

On 9/15/2019 5:11 AM, Rich K1DJ via Groups.Io wrote:
In an analogous situation, I successfully sent QTCs to a station I had worked previously by hitting CNTRL-Z and then clicking my way through the QTCs on the screen.  Might work for you although you may have to change the times in the QTCs to approximate when you actually sent them.
Good luck/73 -
Rich, K1DJ 

On Sep 14, 2019, at 10:05 PM, Daryl Popowitch <n8aid@...> wrote:

How can the log be edited to capture QTC's given and not logged after the contact is logged.   Operator error caused this and cannot go to the logged contact to add them even though they were sent.


Daryl - N8AID

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