Re: [N1MMLoggerPlus] clicking on other radio band map changes TX immediately

Andy (KU7T)

Since there have been some fixes in both N1MM+ and the latest Flex Smart SDR software, I want to update this thread with my latest settings that work for me:

- (optional, CW only) N1MM+/Configurer/Hardware tab: uncheck Set PTT via Radio command CW for both Radio COM ports
- (optional, CW only) N1MM+/Configurer/Hardware tab: set PTT delay to 20ms for Winkey COM port
- (optional, CW only) N1MM+/Configurer/Winkey tab: set 2nd CW for Pin 5, 1 for lead time, 1 for tail time
- Config/SO2R settings/Set minimum SO2R switchover time to 30 ms
Set Dueling CQ Repeat Time 200ms

- Set Radio Swap Transmit Tail Time 200ms

- (optional. May only be needed if solid state amp neeeds time to frequency sense or 1A2R switch used) Set Radio Swap Transmit Lead Time 200ms

Hope this helps. 

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