Re: Help needed for Setup for WW Digi contest with WSJT-X, IC7300 and N1MM+

Knut Meland

There are many IC-7300 users without an issue.


When you have a failure, turn the VFO knob and look at the Bandmap frequency bar to see if the program is communicating with the radio correctly.
Works ok


Make sure disable the Windows USB port powerdown.
Fixed now.


Don’t rule out the possibility that RF is causing your issues. I had to wrap the UBS cable five turns in a #31 mix torriod.
TRX connected to ground. Now trnsmittiing with lower power, 3-10 W


If there is a USB hub in the path, eliminate it temporally.

If you have something plugged into the CI-V jack, unplug it temporally.
Still there are differences between running WSJT-X through N1MM and standalone:
Transmitting drops out. More vulerable to higher power levels. 
Running standalone is no problem with 50 W and transmitting works on and on.
connections are the same and now cable moved. 
A funny thing working through N1MM: SPLIT turns on when transmitting and off when going back to receive. Why not leave SPLIT on? Is this intended or a bug?

73 de LA9RY Knut


John, K3CT

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