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John Bednar


If using the USB interface the manual will tell you to install the Icom driver before connecting the cable to the radio.


Icom owners that connect the cable first typically have issues because Windows installs the wrong driver. If this occurs, disable the device using Device Manager, then disconnect the USB cable, install the Icom driver, and finally reconnect the USB cable.


John, K3CT



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The 7100 has the usb interface, no different configuring then the other icoms, other than possibly the hex address. I have one, never tried it with mm, but it is configured with dx labs with no problems...

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I don’t believe that radio has a USB computer interface so you will need a CI-V interface.


Should be as simple as selecting the COM port that the CI-V interface is connected to, the radio model, and setting the COM port parameters.


The bottom of the COM port window contains suggested settings.


Often the Icom radio auto-baud feature does not find the correct baud rate. I recommend setting the radio menu to use 19200 baud and use that in the N1MM Logger radio com port setup.


If you are using an unpowered aftermarket CI-V interface you will likely need to set DTR and or RTS to Always On to provide power to the interface


John, K3CT



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Subject: [N1MM+] Icom IC-7100


N1MM is very popular, and so is the IC-7100, but has anyone succeeded in mating the two?  Information on doing so would be great.

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