N1MM+ ESM Unexpected Return to RX



I used my Elecraft K3 in the NAQP SSB contest with N1MM+ set up for rig control, foot switch is set to NONE and ESM is enabled.  I use a foot switch directly connected to the K3 for PTT. I have not enabled any of N1MM+s voicing features.  I noticed that when I have the foot switch pressed and  hit the ENTER key my K3 immediately switched to the RX mode and displayed  ERR PTT.  I have checked my setup and am unable to correct a setting that corrects this issue. The work around I used during the contest was simply to hit the SPACE BAR to move to the next field and not enter the QSO into the log until I had release my foot switch.

My expectation is that N1MM+ would not switch the K3 to the RX mode with this setup. Are my expectations incorrect?  If so, what should I expect? 

Robie - AJ4F

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