Re: Example of how to use VARYMSG with SSB?

John Bednar



Here is the example from the manual.

CQ Key definition (RUN F1), {VARYMSG1 &CQ * *&CQ CQ * *&3&}


It looks like you omitted the last & character.


If you still have an issue, the end of the LogError.txt file in your user directory should list additional information.


John, K3CT



From: [] On Behalf Of Tim Shoppa
Sent: Saturday, August 17, 2019 11:46 AM
Subject: [N1MM+] Example of how to use VARYMSG with SSB?


I'm looking for an example of how to use VARYMSG in a SSB Macro.


I tried the below in my F1 message but it yields the computer locking up for about 5 seconds followed by "File not found: C:\Users\tshop\Documents\N1MM Logger+\VARYMSG1N3QE\201" error which makes me think that I have to escape VARYMSG1 or the filename somehow.


F1 CQ,{VARYMSG1&n3qe\CQ1.wav&n3qe\CQ2.wav&2}


Tim N3QE

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