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I agree with Mike. The biggest problem that users have poor quality after market CI-V adapters and not knowing how the adapter is powered. This is not a program problem.


In the Config window, do not check CW/Other for either radio COM port. This box should only be checked for the single WinKey port.


Configuring the WinKey is as easy as the Icom radio. Find the correct COM port, Check CW/Other for that port, and check the WinKey box in the COM port window. Done.


John, K3CT


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Sent: Friday, August 16, 2019 11:55 PM
Subject: Re: [N1MM+] FW: ICOM-746 TALK TO N1MM



The other radio is an Icom 756 PRO III and I have been using it as my main radio with N1MM and DXLAB Suites for a number of years but never had the 746 hooked up. But now that I’m entering VHF Contests I want to log with the 746 and eventually try my hand at real SO2R.  I now have both radios connected  but there is a conflict between the two radios. I’m working on N1MM first.  I had to change the configuration addresses in N1MM for the 746 to remove the conflict with the 756.  I suspect I need to do something with the WinKeyer but not sure.  I’m first connecting the key to the WinKeyer by making the cable.  I came out tonight to do that, found the appropriate materials and then got distracted with emails and a cw traffic net.  I expect I’m close to having it licked.


Mike, n5sj


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Subject: Re: [N1MM+] FW: ICOM-746 TALK TO N1MM


"...but using SO2R I have a conflict..."

Are you SO2R? If so, what is your second radio and do you have your SO2R controller set up correctly with virtual ports etc?

Should be a cake walk getting your IC-746 talking to N1MM+. Start there with 1 radio before jumping in with 2.

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