Digi, SO2R with Flex 6700, N1MM, and WSJT-x

Chuck Dietz

I am trying to set up the Flex 6700 with N1MM+ and WSJT-x for SO2R Digital. Almost there, but radio 2 not printing in WSJT. Level indicator in EW2 not working. Not using Slicemaster and not loading DX Lab Commander, just the Flex, N1MM and WSJT programs. SO2R selected in the N1MM config, two slices running in Flex, two N1MM entry screens saying slice 1 and slice 2, starting WSJT from the N1mm "Window" tab on each of the N1MM entry windows. Selected DX Labs Commander for the radio in both instances of WSJT.
 DAX streams 1 and 2 working on DAX. Slice 1 receives and transmits fine in WSJT. Slice 2 has the correct frequency and will transmit, but no receive level and no print. Not getting the audio from DAX channel 2 into the EW2 WSJT  I think this is some TCP problem, but I am not versed in computer stuff.
(Using WIN 10 64, latest N1MM and WSJT versions.) I downloaded and followed the new "https://n1mmwp.hamdocs.com/manual-windows/wsjt-x-decode-list-window/"  and  "https://www.rttycontesting.com/tutorials/n1mm/operating-ww-digi-with-n1mm/
I have tried Commander and Flex6xxx as the radio in WSJT. I am not sure what TCP ports, if any, I should set up in Flex CAT.

Chuck W5PR

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