N1MM+/WSJT-X feature requests (Decode List Font, FT4/FT8 mode switch)

Victor Paul

A couple ideas for possible enhancements to the N1MM+/WSJT-X integration:

1) Add font sizer buttons to the WSJT-X Decode List window to increase/decrease font size as on other N1MM+ windows.
2) Make it so that when operating FT8 and you type FT4<enter> into the N1MM+ entry window, that it tasks WSJT-X For EW1 to actually switch to FT4 mode (and vice versa).  At present in order to switch modes you have to do it from the Mode pull-down on the WSJT-X- ForEW1 panel.  (I'd rate this a low priority, unless it turns out to be a pretty straightforward code tweak).

Victor WB0TEV / V31VP

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