Re: Ten Ten Log Problem

Les Elliott

Rory, works OK here, send me a copy of your tentenrtty.udc file.
QSO:  2855 PH 2019-08-14 1540 G4OGB         LES NM G           K5CKS         RORY         68322    AR
Les, G4OGB

Sent: Wednesday, August 14, 2019 3:55 PM
Subject: [N1MM+] Ten Ten Log Problem
I worked the Ten Ten Summer SSB Contest a couple of weeks ago and discovered a problem with my log when N1MM+ created the Cabrillo file.  It cut off most of the Exchange text for each contact.
Logfile Data:
Cabrillo Export:
QSO: 28402 PH 2019-08-03 1607 K5CKS         RORY 68322 AR      N5EMS         GARY         AR           
QSO: 28417 PH 2019-08-03 1642 K5CKS         RORY 68322 AR      KD5ILA        JACK        7765         
QSO: 28402 PH 2019-08-03 1924 K5CKS         RORY 68322 AR      W5TMC         MIKE         7481         
QSO: 28402 PH 2019-08-03 2106 K5CKS         RORY 68322 AR      K5MGM         BILL        6955 
Any ideas how I can keep this from happening again?
Rory, K5CKS

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