Re: K3 intermittently forgets to transmit even though FT8 has gone into TX mode, PS

Chuck Dietz

I run both N1MM and WSJT at the same time. Go into the N1MM configuration tab all the way to the right is a tab for WSJT. Fill in the file location if WSJT and you will be able to load WSJT from the last entry on the “windows” tab of N1MM. This will allow you to log WSJT FT8 contacts in to N1MM and, hopefully, solve the problem. 

Chuck W5PR 

On Wed, Aug 14, 2019 at 6:09 AM Rich K1DJ via Groups.Io <> wrote:
Sorry, a too quick finger mistake.  I have not yet mastered using N1MM+ with WSJT-X.  So when I operate FT-8, N1MM+ is not running, and the rig is controlled directly by the WSJT-X software.  And my K3S occasionally “forgets to transmit” when WSJT goes into transmit mode.  So perhaps N1MM+ is not causing it?
Rich, K1DJ

On Aug 14, 2019, at 7:01 AM, Rich K1DJ via Groups.Io <k1dj93@...> wrote:

Same here.  K3S solo op N1MM+ WSJT-X

On Aug 13, 2019, at 9:54 PM, Dan Violette - KI6X <danki6x@...> wrote:

  • Every once in a while the radio "forgets" to transmit in FT8 and FT4.  Usually the next cycle it fires off OK.
    Setup: SO2R, N1MM+, MicroHam MR2K+, 2 Elecraft K3s


Yes, same problem using K3, WSJT-X, DXLabs (logging) with sound card direct into K3 and serial PTT.  Think our only same items are K3/WSJT-X.  Dan KI6X

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