Re: Another senior moment

Chuck Dietz

Do you have the same version of N1MM in both computers?

On Tue, Aug 13, 2019 at 12:41 PM Bob Evans <k5wa@...> wrote:
What am I forgetting?

Normally, after a contest, I'll send my .adi file from my station back to my home and import it in a local instance of N1MM at my house.  After I import it, I hit RESCORE CURRENT CONTEST and all the multipliers pop in.  I'm trying that with my WAE CW adi but no mults pop in after scoring.  Have I forgotten something or is WAE just hard to transfer because of the QTC?  I waited a couple of days to try this so my brain wasn't too foggie from lack of sleep but I'm about as cleared up as I'm going to get now.  ;-)

Thanks for ideas,
Bob K5WA

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