N1MM+ & WSJT-X integration: A Moving Target

Victor Paul

Based on my recollection some traffic on the N1MM+ reflector, N2AMG et. al. have done a lot of work of late to improve and optimize the integration between N1MM+ and WSJT-X.  Hoping that the dust had pretty much settled after the release of WSJT-X 2.1.0 (not to be confused with the former 2.0.1), I decided to finally dive in and get the latest and greatest instructions on how to do such and get it all done on my desktop machine and the two laptops I plan on taking down to Belize when I do my V31 thing.

After downloading and installing WSJT-X 2.1.0 and updating N1MM+ to V1.0.7883.0 (dated 06 Aug 2019). I went looking for the latest and greatest instructions.  On the hamdocs website I found what I thought I was looking for.  Under the Additional Support Files I found a file with a date of July 21, 2019 entitled N1MMWSJTXInstructions.pdf and thought I'd hit pay dirt.

I started going through it and didn't get past page 1 when I noticed that the illustration shown for the Digital Modes Tab on the Configurer did not match the layout of what I see in N1MM+ V1.0.7883.0.  The .pdf document shows a section at the bottom entitled Path to WSJT/JTDX, which does not appear in N1MM+ anymore. Instead there is now a new Configurer tab labeled WSJT/JTDX setup.

Thus, I have no confidence that the instructions in the July 21,2019 dated .pdf file are still correct and thus am hesitant to try and tackle 3 computers worth until I get some up to date guidance.  Maybe I'm looking in the wrong place, or more likely the N1MMWSJTXInstructions.pdf file just needs updating.  I know the developers are busy, especially N2AMG (God Bless Him!) and beggars can't be choosers, so I'm happy to wait a bit if the dev team just needs some time and bandwidth to get caught up on the documentation.

I also seem to recall reading a while ago (not sure where, maybe on the groups.io feed?) there was some info on setting up separate WSJT-X .ini files for standalone operation versus use with N1MM+.  I didn't see any mention of that in the July 21, 2019 N1MMWSJTXInstructions.pdf and wonder if all that is now OBE or what?

Standing by,

Victor WB0TEV / V31VP

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