Re: RSPduo N1MM+ with or without WB? #spectrum


I also have the RSPduo / TS-590SG combination and tried a few configurations but ended up using the SDRuno s/w as my spectral bandmap. Callsign spots are not displayed on it of course but is not an issue for me. I chose this approach so I can monitor 2 bands and QSY instantly via OMNIRIG. The 590 follows clicking on the SDRuno window including band changes and the SDRuno display follows tuning the 590 VFO as well when clicking on spots in the bandmap window in N1MM. I use both the 590 RS232 serial port (OMNIRIG) and the USB port for N1MM. In my setup I run N1MM in one PC and SDRuno in a separate PC (networked) as they are both ancient computers and loading was an early issue for me. Also I use the SO2V configuration and a MiniCircuits splitter. I did go one step further in that I added a relay delay circuit triggered by the 590 remote port to terminate the DRV port O/P in 50 ohms so as to reduce the RF to the RSPduo in transmit mode. I used the menu function for linear amplifier control to incorporate a XMIT delay to allow the relay time to close. A REMOTE connector pin and a simple circuit opens the DRV connection to the splitter. That step was probably not required but this way I see only an S9 signal on transmit in the SDRuno display so the RSPduo is well protected and safe from overload. I had no feeling for the signal leakage level from the DRV port and wanted to protect the SDR. Probably overkill though! When the PC is upgraded I may try the configuration using the N1MM spectrum display again, but I fear Rich is correct wrt both spectrum display windows using the same ExtIO dll at the same time. In the ExtIO dll there is an option for dual mode so if N1MM supports that option it may be worth a try. 
Hope this helps..

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