RSPduo N1MM+ with or without WB? #spectrum

Victor Paul

I recently acquired an RSPduo dual channel SDR brick and would like to incorporate it into N1MM+ in order to get a spectral bandmap with callsign spots.  After reading the N1MM+ manual I'm a little confused as to whether the use of WB (N2IC's Waterfall Bandmap program) is required or not or whether I have a choice of using WB or not.  If its not required, (but can be used to gain extra capability), please expound.

My transceiver is a TS-590SG, so I won't need an external TR switch, I just plug the tuner 1 jack into the DRV spigot on the back of the TS-590 and press and hold the DRV/meter button to make the DRV jack a RX Ant Out port.

I know I have to download and install the proper EXTIO.dll from SDRplay, and get the right one (there is a separate version for the RSPduo it appears), but do I put that in the N1MM+ directory or do I need to install WB and park that EXTIO.dll under WB?

After I get that part figured out, my next questions will be whether I can use the 2nd channel in the RSPduo to display a 2nd band linked to the other VFO in an SO2V configuration with a 2nd spectral bandmap.  Of course to do this I'll put a two way power divider between the TS-590SG's DRV jack and the 2 RF inputs on the RSPduo.  That will come later.  Before I run with that I need to walk with a single channel.

So, what are my recommended options here?

Victor WB0TEV

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